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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the $18.71 menus?

We had to make some adjustments to the event this year in response to the new guidelines affecting businesses in the food and beverage industry. Unfortunately, our signature $18.71 menu was too difficult for many restaurants to feasibly achieve, so we worked in collaboration with the participating restaurants to come up with a model that worked for them while also offering a benefit to customers.

How do I partake in this year's event?

Every participating business has a slightly different way of adding bonuses to your order. Most restaurants offer bonus items on orders of over $30 and over $60. To redeem their offer, follow the ordering options listed on the profile of the business you are supporting (order by phone, online, dine in, etc.) and follow the instructions under the bonus items listed. Some restaurants will have a code to add to the special notes, some will just require you mention the event.

What's the deal with the #AceMySpace sweepstakes?

The #AceMySpace sweepstakes is a social media campaign created to help people feel comfortable participating in Longmont Restaurant Week without the pressure of dining out. Entrants who post an image of how they are supporting a participating business during Longmont Restaurant Week using the hashtags #AceMySpace, #LRW2020, #LongmontRestaurantWeek, or #FeedMeLongmont, will be entered for the chance to win a daily drawing of a $50 Ace Hardware gift card and the chance to win a $500 Ace Hardware gift card AND a $500 Woodley’s Fine Furniture gift card.

It was originally conceived as an opportunity to help people makeover their dining rooms, as they have likely been staying at home for months and might like to change it up a little. It is important to us as event organizers that Longmont Restaurant Week is accessible to those who do not feel safe venturing out.

Learn about the #AceMySpace contest here.

Dining out isn't in my budget. Can I still support participating businesses?

Yes! Restaurants can use any and all support right now. Please share stories and pictures on social media of your favorite experiences supporting local restaurants and encourage others to support them.

The restaurant I want to order from is on DoorDash, but their profile says otherwise. What gives?

There are a couple reasons for this:

  1. It’s much easier for restaurants to accept special orders on the phone or their own online ordering platform, as they have a lot more control over how to accept orders.
  2. Third-party ordering systems, while convenient, are notoriously expensive for restaurants, often resulting in them increasing the price of some menu items to try to make up the difference. Restaurants usually walk away with about 30% of the total you spent on your order. So it is both more affordable for you and beneficial to the restaurant to order directly through them.

I didn't receive the bonus item with my order. What do I do?

Please call the restaurant directly to correct your order. We as event organizers are not able to correct it for you.

What's the Winter Program?

The Longmont Restaurant Week Winter Program is an opportunity for businesses to continue to incentivize customers to dine with them November-February, a historically low-traffic time for the food and beverage industry. It is a password-protected page exclusive to customers who dine out September 18-27, 2020, and will launch November 2.