Frequently Asked Questions

A Resource for Restaurant Participants

Why should my restaurant participate?

There is massive marketing potential for all participants in Longmont Restaurant Week. Not only will there be localized flyers, posters, and email distributed to the Longmont community, featuring the name of your restaurant: We’re going big. Our goal is to bring out of town traffic up to enjoy the Longmont dining scene through targeted online marketing, advertisements and articles in trusted news sources, and videos.

Last year alone, the Longmont Restaurant Week website garnered more than 250,000 visits from more than 30,000 unique visitors, and our promotional video was viewed more than 9,000 times nationwide on websites such as CBS and The Weather Channel.

We’re doing the legwork on marketing your business in and out of town, all you have to do is give your guests an amazing dining experience.

What's the deal with the fixed price menu?

All participating restaurants in Longmont Restaurant Week are required to offer a special prix fixe menu for the price point of $18.71. This will look different for every participating restaurant: it might mean that one restaurant will offer one course for that price, whereas another restaurant may charge $18.71 for two meals and two drinks.

The price point is one of the main driving factors for diners. They expect to get a good deal for the price point, so make sure you are providing a meal and experience that will turn a new customer into a repeat customer.

Why $18.71?

1871 is the year Longmont was founded. The price point, as well as being an homage to our town, was ultimately decided upon after speaking with several restaurateurs in the area. The intention was to settle on a price point that would interest consumers to dine out.

Does my restaurant have to participate for all 10 days?

Yes. All participating restaurants are required to offer the LRW special menu for the full ten-day period.

What are the menu requirements?

The only requirement is that you offer a menu at the price point of $18.71. Depending on the normal price point of your menu, this might be an entree, an entree and drink, or two entrees. We highly encourage that you:

  1. Offer a great deal! You don’t want to create a poor experience for someone coming to your restaurant for the first time. Dazzle them!
  2. Be creative! Create multi-course offerings. Partner with a local brewery to bring something new to your menu Price point a little low for your restaurant? Instead of a full entree, offer two new desserts with a wine pairing!

Do I have to include liquor at the fixed price?

Your call. You can include beer, wine, cocktails, or any other beverage in the fixed price, or offer affordable options a la carte.

How will Longmont Restaurant Week be promoted?

In addition to this website, which will feature participating restaurants and their menus as they sign up, we will be using the following outlets to promote Longmont Restaurant Week:

  • Online, print, and radio advertisements with a variety of our local, statewide and regional media partners
  • A video of the event and teaser pre-roll video advertising
  • Informational brochures listing all participating restaurants, phone numbers and addresses will be distributed to participating restaurants, visitor information centers and other retail locations, as well as distributed with the April issue of The Voice
  • Posters will be distributed to participating restaurants that will be displayed in various locations throughout Longmont
  • E-mail blasts promoting Longmont Restaurant Week will be sent from the Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce and partner distribution lists